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Anise's Happy Little World of Creativity

Nov. 7th, 2013 08:51 pm An actual post

I have about 3473029q874980274.pi things to do, and I really should stick to posting on the DGFics community, but...
It really is sad that LJ has ended up being close to a wasteland. It isn't exactly deserted, but there should be so many more people using it. There's much more functionality here than Facebook has ever had. Of course, FB basically consists of lying about how exciting your life is and posting several million pics of your cat, so maybe that's what people want...  (somewhere between ;) and :P)

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Oct. 22nd, 2013 04:11 pm More musings about the fic exchange and other things

So I talked to Lyndsie, IDreamofDraco, and Aphrodite, and I think that we're getting close to firming up the timeframe for the fic exchange. :) The trick is to avoid clashing with NaNoWriMo AND Christmas, but I think we've figured out a way!

And y'all might as well know that I'm going to write entries here for FIA in general rather than JUST the fic exchange. The reason is that we don't have an FIA LJ community and I'm NOT going to create one. We do have forums on FIA, and Aphro does an amazing job. But I don't like the lack of functionality there-- and I also want to branch out.

We WILL have new FIA-related forums very soon, and they'll be hosted on Wordpress, because a big part of what they're about will be fanfic writers crossing over into original fic. I just don't see the kind of discussion forums that would be the most useful for that purpose anywhere else. Our writing community needs to be supported. A lot of us are going beyond fanfic and using our fanfic as a jumping-off point for original work. I don't think that anything on FictionPress is what it should be, and I AM NOT interested in filtering for nasty words and naughty bits. I'm like the anti-MPAA. If I would censor for anything, it would be NC-17 violence, not explicit sex.

Anyway, on that note... ;)

Much more about the fic exchange very soon. Also, the second fanvid is almost done!!

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Oct. 21st, 2013 07:18 pm The fic exchange is ALMOST READY to be announced!

Hey all,

Yep, you read it right-- the dates for the new 2013 D/G Fic Exchange of Doom a Go-Go are about to be announced! There are just a couple of things to nail down, and then we're ready to go.
(Short diversion into something completely different)

(Okay, here's what I didn't like about the Wrecking Ball video-- Miley Cyrus canNOT pick up a sledgehammer, much less swing it around. FAKE. "Nail down?" Get it?)

Anyway. :) More soon. And we'll be having it. Oh, yes, we'll be having it. No matter what. I guarantee. NOTHING will stop this fic exchange. (manic gleam in eyes)

In other news... I'm still working on that short film. The ladder keeps going through Draco's head. (Poser's keyframe interpolation!!) But it's getting worked out. :)

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Oct. 7th, 2013 04:43 pm Yep... I'm still here

I didn't really think I'd EVER post here again, but the thing is that I'm running the dgficexchange now! Yay! You know, here...http://dgficexchange.livejournal.com/

So come and check it out. :)

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Jul. 30th, 2010 04:26 pm Photos of characters from DDD

Wow. I am actually posting something. Miracles will apparently never cease.

Anyway... this is re: Chapter 34-35 of *Draco's Dangerous Dilemma.* Raye said that "the scientists were a fun addition to read about:) they're such cuties:)" (Yes, this had to be the first time that Charles Darwin and Stephen Jay Gould showed up in a D/G fic. We may actually be in Bizarro World now.) So I came up with the idea of showing some pics so that readers can have a visual image. :)

Oh. The top photo is Stephen Jay Gould, and the bottom drawing (not done by me, I guarantee), is a very young Charles Darwin.

BTW, my rant of the day is to NOT USE FACEBOOK (very much, anyway.) I did this rant long before the news today about zillions of user profiles and info being stolent. The privacy and security problems are terrible.

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Jun. 15th, 2008 08:27 am

Hey, here's the rant that was promised over on FIA! ;) Well, maybe it's not exactly a rant. Anyway, here's some musing on why Ginny didn't react well (to say the least) to finding out that Draco was a demon. If you haven't read NYL, this obviously has some spoilers.


It doesn’t excuse any character’s behavior, but from my POV, the wizarding world does have some very unreasoning prejudices, and this idea is far from absent from the books as well. For instance, in the HP Aniseworld, there’s a horrible prejudice against mental illness and anybody who’s ever been in a mental institution, beyond even the amount that exists in the Muggle world, which is still pretty considerable. Diatribe Ahead: But this didn't come from thin air rather than from the source material, either. When you think about it, where is mental illness in the HP books? Why is it that we read about plenty of people who went to St. Mungo’s for all sorts of other things and were cured, but the people who have the closest things resembling mental illnesses (Lockheart and the Longbottoms) are presented as pitiful, a little scary, and impossible to help? And this is just the Long-Term Spell Damage ward. Where are the wizards and witches who really do have mental illnesses- - bipolar disorder, or schizophrenia, or borderline personality disorder, or even depression or anxiety disorders? Why are they totally absent from the books, when JKR herself has admitted that she has suffered from major depression in the past (although frankly, she seems more Bipolar II to me.) It is just too hard for me to believe that there isn't a single DSM-IV diagnosis to be found in the wizarding world. The magical characters in HP have always been presented in a very matter-of-fact way, and magical powers certainly haven't been defined in a way that would lead anybody to believe that wizards and witches are somehow exempt from mental illness.

Well, we really don’t know why this is never dealt with in the books when much darker details made it in, but the idea I came up with does at least make logical sense: that the wizarding world has this extreme prejudice against mental illness, to the point where it's never mentioned and someone like Harry would probably never have found about it as a child and teenager.

Anyway, the point of all this is that in this fic, wizards and witches also have a very deep and massive fear of demons. They know that demons are real (well, in this reality anyway!), and they’re terrified by what they don’t understand. Ginny in particular has had this belief rubbed into her since early childhood, and she’s never had any reason to even question it before. That’s why she rejected Draco in the last chapter, but instantly regretted it.

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Jun. 5th, 2008 10:04 am

Yes, I'm actually posting something here, which is almost beyond belief, I know. :P However, I put a link to this on FIA, because I didn't really think that was the most appropriate place to post it. Here it is!


A/N: You know, when it comes to that epilogue, I think that everybody has to make up his/her/its own mind about it. Personally, though, I feel that it has exactly the same problems now that it did when we first read it a year ago. Sometimes a piece of writing improves simply because readers go back to it and find things they didn't find the first time; I don't think that epilogue fits this description.

There's one thing that really, really bothers me about it, and it has nothing to do with this or that pairing happening or not happening. Nor is it because it really would have more interesting to read something about the future of the characters besides the list of "begats"; if all I want to see is who married whom and what their kids' names were, I'll read the second half of the book of Genesis. The real problem, I think, is that the epilogue really didn't make sense in terms of what had been written in the books. There was no federal law that it had to be written so that it did make sense, but to write something that is so disconnected from the rest of the books (setting aside any problems with DH or any of the other books themselves, for example) bothers me a lot.

Understand, I'm not exactly saying that such a popular author who's written books that inspired so many people has some kind of duty to at least write a logical ending after stringing fans along by constantly promising it for years on end and constantly throwing out tidbits of information that were never actually in the books. I do believe this. But there's also a reasonable argument that this duty doesn't truly exist if we're talking about what the author owed to an audience.

No, for me, the real problem with that epilogue is that because it does not really make sense in terms of the way the seven books have been written, because it is clearly something that was written many years ago (as JKR herself says) and was essentially not changed to reflect anything that had happened to plot, character, or themes in the entire series, then this means that it does not honor the creative process or the discipline of writing. Writers know how hard it is to get published and how hard it is to find a reading audience. I know this all too well! So we have to believe that these ideals mean something important. We have to write in a way that respects ourselves and our audience-- if lightning has actually struck and we have the incredible, unbelievable, indescribably improbable luck to have an audience. Otherwise, we're just giving up on our own talent and settling for being less than we can be, and, yes, we are insulting anybody who paid money for our books.

Anyway! That's enough of my two cents' worth! :)

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Nov. 26th, 2007 01:20 am Hi from the beach...

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Sep. 13th, 2007 11:36 pm

Wow, I sure don't write in this thing very often.

So... I can't write very much right now. I never was very good at pouring out my personal feelings in any kind of diary, to be honest. Just... I need some strength sent my way. I just need to get through this thing, with some grace, some building of myself. That's all I'm going to say.

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Jun. 23rd, 2007 10:47 pm

Hi all! Wow, I haven't posted in this thing for a long time. I KNEW it was going to happen that way... well, anyway. ;) Part Two of the Film Essay of Doom is now UP!!! Check it out at:


Well, actually it starts at Chapter 6. But Chapter 7 is where it actually starts to have highly shippy implications. Chapter 8 goes up tomorrow, which is actually Part 3 of Part Two of the Essay. (Confused yet?) Anyway, here's an excerpt:

Finally, we get to the reason why it matters that H/G isn’t foreshadowed in OotP, and hasn’t been in any other HP film. As Boorstin states,“the director and the producer may get caught up in their art, but studio executives are implacably committed to their audience.” If viewers are going to believe that the H/G relationship is meant to be genuine, lasting, real, and the final pairing, then it needs to be foreshadowed onscreen and in publicity materials. This has nothing to do with art, and everything to do with commerce. The audience will feel both cheated and confused by H/G that comes out of nowhere in the sixth film. Audiences that feel this way don’t spend as much money on tickets, DVD’s, merchandising, action figures, Lego re-creations of Hogwarts, admission to theme parks, fiberglass copies of Harry’s wand, and cake pans shaped like Dobby’s head. This is a situation that studios do everything they can to avoid. At this point, however, H/G has nowhere to come from. Filmmakers can’t pull a believable rabbit out of the hat when there is no rabbit in the hat.

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